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Desktop Charger BC-160 for Portable Radio F3011 F4011 F14 F24 F3021 F4021 F33GT F43GS F3161 F4161 BC-160

Item No.: BC-160


·         100-240V wide voltage input 

·         Rapid Charger, up to 1000mAh per hour

·         Microprocessor is used for charge control and override protection

·         Heavy duty durable design of ABS/PC plastic

·         LED  design to display charging status


Compatible for F3161, F3163, F3161DT, F4161, F4161DS, F4163, F33 GT/GS, F43 GT/GS, F3021S, F3021T, F4021S, F4021T, F3011, F4011, F14, F24, and F43TR.


Package Contents:

1 * BC-160 Desktop Charger

1* 100-240V Adapter with correct plug for your country